How You Can Help

The Black Mesa Resistance Camp needs your Help!

You can help us achieve our goals through a variety of ways:


All donations will buy needed supplies necessary for the camp to continue it’s mission.

You can send any size donations through Paypal to:

(Remember to click *sending to friend/family member* in order to ensure the full amount goes through.)

There are also donation drives/fundraisers going on through other sites which are listed:

-K’e InfoShop

Dirty Hands Collective:

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Hay & Propane Fundraiser


You can also help keep the communities, & camp team members fed!

Organize a supply drive/donation drive, in your community! When enough is collected, come bring it to camp! Or contact us and we can coordinate delivery logistics!

(All foods, and off-the-grid camping supplies, are greatly appreciated!)

You can also Mail Post Office Box Sized Donations!

Contact us for more information:

-Come out to Camp and help volunteer!-