Mission Statement

Goals & Objectives:
To protect the our homelands from further exploitation by the invading colonial forces who continue to commit crimes against our Mother Earth.

Camp Mission:

To enhance the well being of communities living within’ our Ancestral Homelands by protecting our Culture & Resources all people depend upon. Through Prayer & Action; such as Education, Outreach, Environmental Restoration, Indigenous Advocacy, and Colonial Legal Action when necessary.
Our Approach encompasses, and embraces, the ways of life enhancing the well being of communities by bringing spiritual, cultural, and environmental tools together in order to create a more sustainable world.

Why We Do this:

As a species, Humanity as a collective is out of balance with our surroundings, both ourselves & nature. If we wish to sustain our existence & give proper lives of well-being to all Peoples & Their Future Generations, there is a great need for society at large to reconnect with Nature by becoming aware of the values we hold. The relationship that connects all of life, around & within’ us.
That is why we must respect, and protect, The Dine’ & Hopi Peoples of Black Mesa & Big Mountain. They share Ancestry & Co-Existence dating back thousands of years before any Colonial Government was established by European Settlers in so-called North America. Being one of the most advanced & unique Cultures to survive Genocide, there is much to learn from the Ancestral Relationship these People have with the Earth. By preserving the Dine’ & Hopi Ways of Life in Black Mesa & Big Mountain. We can learn to apply principals to modern life today. Helping Humankind re-connect with Nature, and addressing the critical environmental issues of our time.

How we will do this:

1. Protecting the Environment

BMRC (Black Mesa Resistance Camp) will be focused on protecting the environment, both cultural & natural resources. Protection will be focused not only on the Sacred Sites of Black Mesa & Big Mountains Ancestral Lands, but also areas such as The Chuska Mountains, White Mesa, The Grand Canyon, and more.
By focusing on preserving water sources, native species, and community environmental health, our spirits, minds, & bodies, will produce action in order to achieve our goals. Activities include education, scientific studies, restoration, outreach, advocacy, and when necessary, action in the colonial court system.

2. Educating Future Generations

Right now, the youth & future youth of many Indigenous Communities grow up in homes that provide lifestyles un-equivalent to those living wealthy off of stolen resources in Colonial States occupying our Homelands. In order to preserve, and protect our community’s environments and rich cultures for future generations. BMRC aims to set up educational programs by combining cultural history, alongside an environmental science focus, to inspire ethical and social awareness; so that they may grow up and succeed in today’s modern world, despite hundreds of years of Oppression & Genocide.

3. Indigenous Educators Sharing History, Culture and Spiritual Ways of Life:

BMRC aims to enhance the spiritual wellness of individuals, families, at risk youth, elders, cancer patients, veterans, and other members of the community-at-large by preserving, and sharing beliefs and values. Teams on the ground will be doing everything they can for the communities, so that the Sacred Fire’s within’ each of us, will grow and preserve values to be held for the next generations.